Monday, March 27, 2006

Is Love really divine?

There were times when I closed my eyes, saw my prince charming, of course not on a white horse, but perhaps in a Chevrolet or a Skoda, racing to my rescue and waiting to be rewarded with a passionate kiss. Well, what do we know… Reality sucks!!!

When is it right to fall in love? How do you know if he/she is the right person? How much would you care to dump or about getting dumped?

To me, these contemplations made no sense. There was never a right or a wrong about falling in love, all that matters is, are you ready to accept it if it was wrong?

Love is closely derived from the basic theory of probability calculus. Every bloke has equal chance of being the one in your basket. Selections are made considering no replacement, which means, no bloke gets the same chance twice.

Let’s walk one step at a time. Equal chance!! This thumb rule of the theory is built on the strong assumption that all choices are equally good.. or perhaps bad. Even before any man enters the boyfriend zone, they are all justly scrutinized on various grounds. The purging happens based on their scores on sense of humor, the ability to carry one self in public, the attraction factor, the availability benchmark, good looks, good looks and more good looks. Those who have been considered for scrutiny and are not into the boyfriend zone enjoy the freedom of the friend zone.

Even when such details are perused and carefully marked, most of the time, we are not right the first time. Surprising enough, we master the art of dumping even before mastering the art of picking the right one.

These days I am not sure if there is anyone, who honestly believes that Love can happen only once. We could discuss this at length, but on a different context. Going back to our current talk, now that dumping is executed, the basket is empty and so the eligible bunch gets the spotlight again.

Now, where is divinity in all this? (Gosh!! I caught up with the title at last!!!) I have heard that Divine is never wrong, Divine is unconditional, Divine never hurts, Divine never dies. Then how could love be divine?

All of us are allowed to make mistakes in love. Now is this because of expectations? Well, I guess it is mostly explained by expectations.. at least thatz exactly what my ex-boyfriend said. If that is true, then isn't love conditional. Can there be unconditional love?? (This is open for discussion.)

Do we believe Love hurts!! If it does, then it should hurt both the man and the woman equally. But somehow, the one who gets dumped is always hurt than the one who dumps!!! What could possibly explain this? May be ego!!! (Well, I am just thinking aloud.. don’t take this personally)

Are you comfortable staying in touch with your ex? Could the care and concern you had for them die the minute you believe YOU made a mistake? I have noticed that the one walks away from a relationship feels worse about staying in touch than the one watched them walk away (Mostly!!). Does this mean you are feeling guilty to have made a choice to end it?? Or..

I am sure we could discuss all these in great details - after all the world is filled with experiences. But the bottom line is.. Can we all live with the fact that LOVE is no Divine or do we want to contemplate it?