Monday, September 04, 2006

All about Sex and nothing but Sex!!

I know all of you are extremely optimistic about the topic.. :P

Well, sorry to disappoint you guyz.. this is just my thoughts on something I recently read in KK's blog about dating, sex, Aids and Gay... if I cannot call this sex what else can we call as sex!!!Sometime back I wrote about sex change (here). May be it is time to think more about it... :)

What drives our sexual needs - mind, heart or just the way the hormones are structured?? some studies show that it is only dolphin's and humanbeings that engage in sex for pleasure.. proof.
Why is this not true with other animals?? I nearly liked one of the reasons that this above study gave - "Competition for females often results in injury or death to males (sometimes!!! of the females themselves)"... :P

Jokes apart, what is it that drives us into sex.. and why is it different in some cases (like homosexuals). That is the natural process of sex and the requirements alters in case of homosexuals. Most likely we do not look for multiple partners (am i assuming here.. may be .. may be not) to engage ourselves in sex.. but the reality is some of us do..

The natural instincts about seeking something exciting and new all the time, may be one of the reason why some of us seek multiple partners over the time zone of active sex life. Ignorance is bliss .. but i guess these days blissfulness gets us AIDS... so beware!! But can educating people about sex and protection alone save us from such outbreaks? Just like in cigarette cases, even a condom cover reads that these do their jobs only 97% of the time... (i know this from "FRIENDS" don't let ur imagination run wild.. :P) Science has a lot of interesting borrowings from Greek.. monogamy is one of them.. but, can monogamy be a solution to this problem?

Well KK's recent post seems to belive that may be opening oneself to broad thinking and modernizing one's cultural arena of the traditional mating rules might be an alternative solution. In simple terms "dating". Not that there is no improvement in the way today's youth think. It is obvious from such blogging and discussions that we are thinking differently and may be we would practise it sooner than we thought. However, the question still remains - if we truely think any differently and can we accomodate such cultural changes into our lifes!!??

If I am to imagine myself setting aside some time, away from my professional life, to date men and explore my expectations about my own future, trust me, I don't see myself doing it well!! I seem to belive that I need to have a fundamental change in my perspectives about life and what it holds for me. To be able to trust and to be able to live upto someone else's trust is one of them.

Trust is a very tricky emotion. I can trust my partner to never cheat on me.. or I can trust my partner to confess in me whenever he cheats on me and then I can forgive him with all my goodness. Again, cheating here is only about his sexual conduct with other women (or men.. as the case may be). But is that all... there are cases were women seem to excuse themselves from monogamy only b'coz they know that their men cheat on them and viceversa. Are we all looking for excuses? Then, what is it truely that matters?

So now to the second topic.. why are there homosexuals? What drives their sexual needs? there is no fertilization or reproduction invloved!! how do we explain this biology? Are these proof enough to say may be sex is driving by emotions some times.. ?? if that is true, then why polygamy? How can ur emotions changes.. (fear remains fear may be the thing that we fear about may change but not fear by itself)

I always wondered why some relationships are soo broken hearted and pain felt when they don't end up in marriage.... is that b'coz u loose the sex right over the other? or is it the thought that someone else is going to have the right now?? b'coz if we loved someone no matter whether it ended up in marriage or not, the love could not change.. could it?

Can answering all these questions give us a solution to our problems - HIV, AIDS!!

Can anyone tell me if there has been cases of AIDS or similar sexual dieases in animals..?? obviously animals never knew monogamy!! so if there are no sexual dieases(no matter what it wud be called) are identified in animals... how did we get it??

lets think aloud.. and try to find out if we have answers to any of these mysteries!!!

Will be back soon.....