Sunday, October 24, 2004

After a looooooooong time!!!

Hello all,

Here I am after a small ...errr .. a lil longer break... now there should have been a reason for this break.. rite... I do have one... well.. would lazy do???

Last weekend was a pretty long one... phew!!!! 3 days on hand.. and really din't know wat to do :( well, i did some money crashing shopping thou!!! i have a trip to chennai plannned a ahead for the coming weekend.. so had to do some shopping for friends and their kids.. new borns.. thatz not bad.. wasn't all expensive as well.. a couple of bunny rabbits and a new born kit...

Well then came this wicked place.. called the music world... the ambience is usually filled with music and so was it then... the song that hit me was a song from musafir ... sung by miss Richa Sarma... the song goes like this...

zindigime koi kabhi aaye na rabba
aaye jo koi tho phir jaaye na rabba
thenaho agar mujhe baadh me aasoo
tho phale koi hasaaye na rabba

Not that the song was amazing or fabulous kind.. but it carried soo much pain in its words and agony in her voice. I stood there with my eyes closed, trying to take the song deep down my heart. The song was over... but to my surprise, i wanted to listen to it again. Though I have been in Mumbai for a year, I don't seem to understand hindi soo well. But I guess, language was never a barrier for love and pain. Its easy to fall in love, but to make a promise in love, never is. Then it pains....

So much for love, promise and pain... i ended up spending Rs. 345/- on Musafir CD.

Then I looked at some International Dance Hits... after all sometimes u need to dance like no one is watching u :) that ate another couple of hundreds from my pockets. Then did I stop!!!!! I took a couple of Albums by Shaan and Subha Mudgal and some flim numbers in tamil.

Now that I have soo many CDs.. it was only rite to buy a CD Holder. There were a lot of fancy once but i liked the one in leather. woow... am i all set!!! Wasn't really enuf... needed a bang headphone...

At the cash counter... i almost fainted!!! he said... madam its just a couple of grands???? :-?

Next time when I hit Music World.... Somebody Stop MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A Garden Called Eden

Adam&Eve Posted by Hello


Six long days and our godfather The Lord, created a land of fabulous beauty filled with all the wealth of nature. Sad that there weren’t any audience to applaud him on his accomplishments. But wait he could make some who would… Ding!! Came our hero Mr. Adam and Ms. Eve.

The Lord said, “My children, all this you see around is yours. You shall eat out of these trees, drink out of these rivers, learn to live with these animals and you will also love this land as you love me and you shall live here for eternity.” He then looked at our hero and said, “oh, my son!! She shall be your wife.” And to Ms. Eve, he said, “He shall be your man.” Little did they know what was coming for them. He then said, “Listen to me carefully, what I am about to say. Eat from any tree you wish to, but not from the wisdom tree for if you do, you shall die.” Fwee… what blackmail!!!!

Adam and Eve, had a romantic walk through the Gardens every day. Admired the birds, amazed at the creations of God, ate for hunger, and drank to quench thirst, made love to each other and dwelled like they would in heaven until…..

Shhhhhhhhhh…. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Sneaked our villain, the serpent. Some also say that it was Satan dressed as a serpent.. Whatever!! The villain sure knew who could be an easy catch, so he waited to poison Eve’s blissful mind in privacy. And he had his chance. So he said, “hey sexy!! What you up to?” Startled, Ms. Eve said, “oh… nothing much.. just picking some fruits.”

Serpent was smart. He said, “Why are you doing that? whatz your husband doing?” Eve – “oh.. Don’t ask me about him. He is sooo lazy. Sleeps all the time or he eats. If nothing else then he makes love. Thatz all.”

“Oh poor Eve!! Here let me help you baby”

“Thank you”

“So, did the lord really asked you not to eat from the wisdom tree?”

“Oh.. he never asks.. you know. He just warned us that if we do then we die”

“Damn than guy!! He was just scaring you away from that tree. I am sure you won’t die. Or may be he was just scared that if you do eat from it then you would be just like him.. Smart and vibrant. You know you are damn sexy. And now if you do eat the fruit from the wisdom tree then I bet you are not going to need Adam all the time huh…”

“Are you sure??”

“I am damn sure”

There she fell for it and she plucked a fruit as well. The serpent watched her eat the fruit and he sure was good at his trick. Eve reached home and Adam kissed her. Hmm.. did he wonder that her lips were extra sweet today?? Sure he did. So he kissed her longer.

Bang!! Something hit both of them and they fell on the ground. When they opened their eyes they felt different, embarrassed at the fact that they were naked, and guilty that they disobeyed the great Lord.

God came and saw their disobedience and Eve explained the situation. He ordered Adam and Eve to leave Eden and punished them for their act. He said, “Adam, nothing will come easy hereafter, food, water and even babies. Eve, child birth is gonna be painful, and sometime down the years you both will die of old age, sickness and pain.” He then turned to the serpent and said, “You!!! Deceiver!! You shall hereafter crawl on you stomach and eat mud all you life”

“Whatever!!” said the serpent and our hero and heroine were expelled from the Garden of Eden.


Men (Both Working and on the look out) – “Bloody its all Eve’s fault. Women never have brains. Why the hell did she have to talk to the bloody serpent when she had a charming husband like ADAM”

Women – “Nonsense, its all Adam’s fault.
(a) He was lazy and could not go to fetch fruits.
(b) He was so stupid that he could not protect his wife from some bloody serpent.
(c) He was a coward and could not ask god about anything except for a gal. and
(d) He was such an ass that he could not stop kissing EVE that day and he blames her for it.

GOD – It was all my mistake. Why did I have to plant that bloody wisdom tree right in the middle of Eden at all??

The Serpent (curled up around a tree after a good tasty meal) – GOD!! .. can't these humans ever learn!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Just a lil Nonsense

Hello guys...

Just to start on this auspicious day.. as i said.. a lil nonsense.. :)

The Birds that never sung...
The Flowers that never bloomed...
The Rains that never showered...
The Wind that never blow...

To those forgotten dreams..
To those unseen tears...
To those lonely walks...
To those silent talks...

If the Oceans can tell the depth of love..
If the Mountains can speak the heights of desire..
If the Rivers can share the secrets of a search...
And If the Sky can exhibit the reach of a heart..

My love…
None of these could possibly tell you
The pain that struck my heart
When I knew
That your sister was more beautiful than you.