Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nepali - most effective way to test your patience

God, until few months back I thought the worst movie I have ever seen was Pachaikilli muthuchcharam. Nepali definitely tops it. What on earth was the director and the producer thinking exactly?

The idea of bringing parallel story lines on the big screen is not a childs play!! Hardly few hollywood movies have painfully succeeded. "Kiss kiss bang bang" was one good example. There is a reason why such movies are not released in India!!!

Ok coming back to the sad reality of this movie, a lover, a jailmate, a mysterious killer with a thick tongue!! and finally an out of the body experience - after life soul!!! Jesus man, find a better way to engage your audience. The design of the movie greatly reminds you of the 12B casting Shyam, Jo and Simran!!

The standard tamil industries vengence formula is to kill the people who affected your life. The only difference in this movie (atleast thatz what they claim!!) is there is no vengence as such, but a pure social concern!! (I can think of a handful of Rajini Kant's movies with the same story line!!). The Stunts also resembles other movies. For instance, when Bharat kills the jailor, it reminds you of the movie Veyil!! The make-up for Nepali reminds you of Kamal's Evano Oruvan. The playboy character is done umteen number of times by the Actor Karthik!! (I don't understant What they claim as new and different in this movie??)

Ooh, there is another interesting thing in the movie. One can learn how best to kill someone without the trace of one's finger prints or any clues!! The killing is followed by clear medical reasoning of how the process actually works!!! Don't you think even without such enlightments, we have enough crimes to fight!!

There is absolutely no excuse for depiciting the police as one of those un-approachable, brainless, nomads. There is a seen where the police call for Karthik (Actor Bharat), actually asking him a favor to give information about someone. Karthik, duely says he would oblige as soon as he can. But when he walks into the police boundaries, he is treated like a criminal!!!

Its one way to spread the knowledge amongst people about the law and order (CSI, special victims units - Watch some star world man!!!), but to tell the public that police men are gonna be police men no matter what is not helping!!!

Last but not the least, the climax was the worst!! Either you say the hero lives to kill more criminals or he faces a sad death. But to show the ghost form of not only Bharat, but also Meera Jasmine and the Nepali guy walking into the light reminds you of the endless episodes of Ghost Whisperer and the concept of crossing over!!!

The movie does not have a big cast: lot of new faces and I personally find some of the new comers better than bharat!! (Prem for instance). Meera Jasmin looks very cute, but looks like the director did not find better ways to get her killed!! Her role was made to look very stupid I should say!!

The story was WRITTEN and DIRECTED by VZ Durai. If this is the kind of movies that he has in mind: Please stop making movies!! A word of advice to Bharat - Just different make-ups does not make a movie different and good nor does it make you a good actor. When you really want to make movies like this, learn from the masters!! (Navarathiri, Micheal Madhana Kama Rajan!!). Please watch your modulations. Yelling does not mean you are emotional or that you are totally involved in the movie. (Maddy's movie Thambi failed basically because of the high pitch!!)

In total, Nepali is a total waste of time for everyone. The producer, the cast, the audience and in some sense even to the director!!! Gives you a headache!!