Friday, March 05, 2010

Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya!!!

This week was suppose to be a relaxing week for me... but for some reason my migrane is increasing with every movie I see.

I had seen nearly 4 movies so far.. Tamil padam.... nothing to say about this movie... Waste of my time.. Jaggubhai.. although not as good as Wasabi it was ok.. bearable atleast.. Aayirathil Oruvan.. i already posted my dissappointments about this movie in my previous post.. then I saw Kutty... will speak about it later. Now its Vinnaithaandi varuvayaa..

I remember how i felt when I saw pachaikili muthucharam.. and Gautham Menon has done it again with this one too. the movie was a 3 hour movie but i felt like i was watching the same damn thing for nearly 8 hours or so. it felt like it would never end. Every part of my body was pleading me to get the hell out of the theatre after the interval. Unfortunately i was stuck right in the middle of the row!!!

after a sleep over on this movie all i can remember is "karthik... karthik.." "jessy jessy" "of all gals in the world... why... why did i love jessy?" "sorry karthik.. this is not happening karthik.... this is over karthik".. "why did you come karthik" crap... looks like they had a budget problem with the dialog writter and he quit after he wrote 10 pages of dialogs. So Gautham menon managed to reuse the same dialogs a zillion times through the movie!!

One movie one climax would have been better.. we had 4 climax and none of them were different from the others... same climax once in a wedding church, second after that in reality.. third in a dream sequence and again forth in reality again!! Jesus Christ!!!

I kept thinking this was the end of the movie and anytime I would see the names scroll up the screen and then there was a song and then the movie repeats again!! Music wasn't great either.. sound track was hardly any good.. It felt like an infinite loop!!

the only soothing thing in the movie was simbu's costume and trisha's make up did not hurt the eyes.. but they compensated it with dialogs.

God knows why they had to address each other my their names at the end of every single dialog!!

Overall.. Vinnaithaandi varuvayaa is a bad migrane and totally not worth the ticket and 3 hours of my life!!

PS: please don't tell me how wonderful the movie was if you liked it.. congratulations you have more patience than me!!

Good luck everyone!!

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