Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Music review: 3 Idiots vs Nanban

Before I start let me tell you that i am not a professional musician... so i may not be qualified enough for a musical review... but i am a movie fanatic who enjoys good music... if i can feel the music then i think i can tell others how it feels!!!

3 Idiots was a brilliant movie with outstanding musical compositions for songs like "give me some sunshine" & "jaane nahin denge". Other songs were quite entertaining and made me feel like you were in the movie at that time to enjoy that moment. basically happy song made you happy and sad song made you sad!!!

Other than the above 2 situational songs, there were only 3 other songs in 3 Iditos.. behati hawa sa tha, all iz well, zoobi doobi (duet) .

Nanban seems to have about 4 songs and 2 situational songs that are longer than the originals... So lets talk about each of them!!!

"Give me some sunshine" was a song of hope that asks for another chance.... the lyrics not only seeked for hope but it also spoke of the struggle... in just 4 lines this songs (lyrics) and the music makes you feel the desperation the character had as his last hope!!! the Nanban parallel for this song... "endhan kann munne" seems to kind of whinning, in a sense, the lyrics is quite the opposite of the orgininal.. it takes about failures... loss... and dissappointment. The music too sounds very strained.. like they try to make it as good as the original but couldn't.

"jaane nahin denge" touches your heart that says i won't let u go... even without the visuals you understand that some one is dying and someone else is fighting for their life. It shows the bond between friends.. an intimacy that always exists but rarely ever seen physically. it says.. come back to us.. we have a world to conquer. "nalla nanban" on the other hand sounds desparate.. and is too sober for such a scene.. and the lyrics is like they are bargaining for his life... god would you care to take my life instead of his!!!! seriously?? this line might have worked like 10 years ago.. but not anymore!!!! we are survivors and we fight for our life and the life of our loved once.. no more senti senti please..

This is just the preludes... but main songs like "en friend'a pola" and "asku laska" doesn't match for the orginial "behati hawa sa tha" and "zoobi doobi" in terms of music!!! "irukana illaiyanna" (i really can't place this song) reminds me more of "nee nathaswaram pola" from ATM... the one where the entire choreography was jumping like rabbits!!! The "All iz well" is probably the only song that feels a little better in the whole movie but still is not as good as the original..

Having said all this... if nanban was the original and 3 idiots was never made.. then may be we would learn to appreciate it's music.. but having heard the original... and knowing for sure that there is a better way to compose a song for the same scenes (like behati hawa sa, show me some sunshine) nanban's music feels like a good time for a smoke break..

I understand that a remake doesn't have to have the same music for the songs too... but come on.. our music is soo rich and they could come up with only this???

if the music of the remake is not great... i wonder what the sound effect through out the movie be like!!!!! Am i ready for another dissappointment... i don't know!!!

Good luck!!! :)


Venkat said...

Very well said! I feel the casting should have been different and better, not happy with that as well!

sparkee said...

agree with some of your comments,
but song like En friend a pola yaaru machchan is better than any such thing in original !
sorry, may be you are not in right age group to enjoy ask laska ;) or tell to ur friend En frind ah pola yaru machan... :)